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Conventional Loan Limits Raised Over $76K

Qualify for more than ever before!

We’re excited to announce the increase in the conventional loan limit! Conventional loans are now at $625,000 max (up from $548,250)!

If one of your goals is to purchase a new home or to refinance your existing one this year — or even next year — you’re surely looking into the details and processes to prepare.

With the announcement of the increase of conventional loan limits to over $76,000 over the amount set for 2021, this is incredible news for homebuyers as Minute Mortgage can now accept loans up to this amount, right now!

Loan applicants are better equipped to secure their dream property as this increase offers greater access and flexibility to affordable loan products as well as options to those wishing to access their equity.

The changes in loan caps could save money, and can help you reach your goal of property ownership. If you’re ready to get started — but still have questions about the process or these new options — don’t hesitate to contact us! At Minute Mortgage, fair lending and transparency is our thing: Our loan experts will guide you through each step until the deal is done.

Learn about rate structures, mortgage packages, and more with Minute Mortgage! For questions about the 2022 conventional loan limits in your state or our loan products, reach out to us anytime!

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Conventional loan limits for 2022 are at $625,000, meaning you can get into your dream home sooner than ever before.

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