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Getting a mortgage doesn’t have to be complicated or slow.

Mortgage For The Modern Home Buyer

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Minute Mortgage is the best way to buy your home online.

Our quick and easy process cuts out unnecessary steps that waste your time and money. There’s no time spent in traffic on your way to a loan office. No sales pitches for stuff you don’t really need. Actually, no sales pitches at all. We’re just here (well, the internet kind of here) to get the money you need to buy your next place.


Technology for a seamless experience.

Minute Mortgage uses technology and intelligent data to enable an end-to-end digital mortgage designed with today’s modern, online-savvy consumer in mind.

A completely digital process.

The fully-online system saves homebuyers time and money by encapsulating the entire experience from application to closing.


We make it quick and easy.

By eliminating 80% of the work required by customers and loan officers, Minute Mortgage is able to close loans up to 75% faster than traditional mortgage companies.


What this means for you.

This gives home buyers the security and the validation of an approved home loan within minutes.

Our Satisfied Customers

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