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Quick Closings are Our Specialty

At Minute Mortgage, we understand that time is money. Whether buying your first place, securing that dream vacation home, or refinancing a current mortgage, borrowers in today’s busy world have no time for a tedious and drawn-out loan process. 

Thankfully, securing a mortgage with us isn’t complicated or slow. 

At Minute Mortgage, we specialize in streamlined, user-friendly processes and personalized service, leading to faster loan closings. Our website and mobile app platforms allow for processing around the clock, offering the security and the validation of an approved home loan in minutes. 

Get approved in minutes – apply now!

Speed and service go hand in hand. 

Most mortgage companies’ unwieldy processes and team structures result in lost days, asking for conditions late in the game, and bloated costs. But Minute Mortgage’s single point of contact system opens a clear and efficient line of communication, saving time and eliminating frustration. 

Worry less with expedited closings.

Our web-enabled process cuts out trips to a lender’s office, excessive documentation, and long, anxious wait times for approval. Using technology and intelligent data, we can close new loans and refi loans faster than traditional mortgage companies.

From application to closing, we make getting a home loan a quicker, hassle-free experience — it’s our specialty!

Have questions? Don’t wait – reach out today!

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Time is money, and Minute Mortgage is here to save you both. Read on to learn about how we get you closed faster.

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