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Table Funding with Minute Mortgage

Minute Mortgage announces an exciting partnership that benefits both buyers and real estate agents in Arizona.

Effective immediately, Minute Mortgage will table fund all loans closed with Equitable Title Agency in Arizona.

With table funding, the lender funds wire will be sent to Equitable at the time of final loan doc preparation, rather than after signing and lender review of documents, as is traditional with most other lenders.

What does table funding mean to the agent and borrower? Since Equitable will have the lender wire for the loan funds in hand (even before a borrower signs their loan documents), the recording piece of the settlement can take place without waiting for the lender’s wire to arrive, alleviating the risk of having to delay the recording for the next day, as well as waiting for the lender wire to arrive.

Table funding with Minute Mortgage and Equitable means no more worrying about whether or not title will receive the lender wire in time for the closing to occur on the same day.  

Minute Mortgage uses technology and intelligent data, closing loans faster than traditional mortgage companies. Together with Equitable Title Agency’s dynamic team approach, we are set up to support you and to deliver the best experience, ensuring that all parties get to the closing table quickly and efficiently. 

With our Arizona table funding process, Minute Mortgage and Equitable Title Agency make quick and easy closings and expert personalized service our specialty.

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Minute Mortgage now table funds all loans closed with Equitable Title Agency in Arizona. Learn how table funding can help your clients close with confidence!

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