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Everyone’s Situation and Needs Are Unique.

That’s why we offer a diverse range of programs and products to better assist you. As part of the HomeSmart Family of Companies, Minute Mortgage is able to leverage the best products and services, offering unprecedented value — along with 24-hour processing cycles to close loans in 21 calendar days or less!*

Lock, Shop and Roll Lock, Shop and Roll
Great For: Buyers Needing More Time to Shop!

Lock, Shop and Roll

Get pre-approved and lock in your interest rate for up to 90 days with a Minute Mortgage loan as you shop for a new home.

Non-Traditional Borrower Program Non-Traditional Borrower Program
Great For: Self-Employed Buyers or Investors!

Non-Traditional Borrower Program

We offer various financing options for nontraditional mortgages (often referred to as non-QM, or non-conforming loans). These loans are not required to meet federal government guidelines for qualified mortgages, yet buyers may qualify with alternate types of documentation. Some of our non-traditional borrower products include: Asset-Based Loan, Debt Service Coverage Ratio Loan and Bank Statement Loan.

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The expert Minute Mortgage loan team is always ready to help! If you have questions, reach out at any time!

*Successful turnaround and closing times are based on the expedient input of all required information
from all parties involved.

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