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6 Reasons to Use Minute Mortgage For Your Home Loan

You’ve got a lot of options when it comes to finding a mortgage lender. From traditional lenders at financial institutions to the ever-increasing amount of online lenders, there’s no shortage of options for homebuyers and refinancers to choose from.

So why Minute Mortgage? Speed, savings and expertise.

1. Really Low Rates

This is what it’s all about for most homeowners and refinancers, right? You want the lowest rates possible so you can save thousands of dollars over the life of your mortgage. And with low interest rates comes an increase in purchasing power that allows you to qualify for more home.

We utilize a streamlined, fully-online application process; we have minimal fees; and all our home loan specialists are salaried, so there are no needless sales pitches in pursuit of commission. All that together results in substantial savings for customers.

2. Mobile Speed and Convenience

Whether utilizing our website or mobile app, our fully-online process cuts out trips to a lender’s office, excessive documentation, and long, anxious waits for approval.

From application to closing, we make getting a home loan a quicker, hassle-free experience.

3. Less Documentation Needed

Hey, we don’t want to deal with stacks of paperwork any more than you do. So we made submitting documents during our online process as easy as can be. Just snap a pic and submit. That’s it.

And not only is submitting documents easy, but we also don’t request as many as traditional lenders do. The actual amount of documentation needed varies by applicant, but we promise you won’t waste your time and energy sending us anything we don’t need.

4. Quick Pre-Approval and Closing

With Minute Mortgage, you’ll know within, well…minutes, if you’re pre-approved for a home loan.

And because our digital process eliminates 80% of the work required by customers and loan officers, we’re able to complete the application process much faster than traditional mortgage companies.

5. Do It All Through Our App

We’ve packed a lot of helpfulness into the palm of your hand.

With the Minute Mortgage app, borrowers can run their own mortgage calculations, apply for their loan, and use a fingertip to sign and submit documents via DocuSign. In other words, the whole loan application process can be done from your smartphone. Super handy, right?

We also make it easy for homebuyers and their agents to stay on the same page throughout the process. Both agent and buyer can see exactly where the buyer is in the process and both can sign up to receive push notifications.

6. Real Humans Behind the High Tech

Homebuyers and refinancers love our fully-online process. But even the savviest customers sometimes appreciate the guidance of a real, live human.

Minute Mortgage has a team of experienced home loan specialists ready and willing to help you through the process. And we don’t just hand you off to anyone who happens to be available. You’ll have one specialist dedicated to supporting you throughout the entire process.

Additionally, our staff is simply here to guide you to the home loan that best fits your needs. Minute Mortgage employees aren’t paid on commission, so we won’t be bugging you with needless sales pitches in the pursuit of fees. We’re nice like that.

Ready to put Minute Mortgage to work for you?

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