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Our Mortgage Process Rocks

Hearing that our loan application and mortgage process rocks…well, that’s a bold claim. Historically, getting a mortgage was a very traditional, low-tech process. This old-school approach was tedious, unsatisfying, and expensive. While things like personal banking and travel booking pivoted to be more user-friendly and tech-driven, the mortgage industry lagged behind for years. We knew there was a better way.

Saying Goodbye to the Status Quo

While clients will still be dealing with our expert loan officers, our new-school online approach eliminates inefficiencies, allowing Minute Mortgage to offer popular loan products with a strong customer focus at lower costs, improving the home lending process. We simply use technology and intelligent data to enable a transparent, user-friendly experience designed for today’s modern home buyer. 

This system saves homebuyers time and money by streamlining and fully encapsulating the experience from application to closing – without compromising the products, service, or savings we deliver to each client:

  • Homebuyers gain the security and the validation of an approved home loan within minutes.
  • With 80% less work required by customers and loan officers, Minute Mortgage typically closes loans faster than traditional mortgage companies.
  • Our loan officers don’t work on commission so they are completely focused on service, and the savings are passed onto the client.
  • Borrowers can enjoy an online lending experience using our web-based applications and mobile app.

Programming a New Era for Mortgage

As a technology-based mortgage company, Minute Mortgage is dedicated to a simpler and more cost effective mortgage process. While technology and the Internet improve the experience, our personable loan officers are still the backbone of our rockin’ customer service.

Whether buying a first home, investing in a “forever home,” or refinancing, our team has the experience to support every customer situation and scenario. 


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Say goodbye to the Status Quo! Minute Mortgage is bringing mortgage to the 21st century – find out how!

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