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Why It’s Safe to Apply for a Mortgage Online

At Minute Mortgage, we take safeguarding your personal data and privacy seriously. And be rest assured that online mortgages are subject to the same laws and protections as those obtained via traditional methods.

How You’ll Send Us Your Documents

Snap and submit. It’s just that easy. Because neither of us wants to deal with stacks of paperwork, right?

All paperwork can be filed either on our website or via the Minute Mortgage app. Take a picture of the requested forms and submit them via either.

How We Keep Your Data Safe

All data transmitted between Internet browsers and our servers are protected against unauthorized interception or access using Secure Sockets Layer (“SSL”) protocols. And in order to use our website, users are required to be running an SSL-capable browser.

Emails and text messages are convenient—and our customer service team is happy to stay in touch via those channels—but we’ll never ask you to send sensitive information via them.

Learn more in our privacy policy.

Article Summary

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Sending all your personal information online can feel scary. Learn how Minute Mortgage keeps your data right where it should be – private, secure, and in the right hands.

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