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Federal Fees Increase for Second, Vacation Homes
February 28, 2022.

Starting April 2, 2022, the Federal Housing Finance Agency will be raising fees for second homes. Learn more about how this could affect your buying power.

Homestead: Arizona Allows Creditors to Access Equity
January 24, 2022.

HB2617 allows creditors to place liens on homes to recoup debts. How does this affect the Homestead Declaration Act and homeowners carrying debt?

Loan Limit Increases for 2022: FHA and Conventional
January 5, 2022.

FHA and Conventional loans have raised their lending caps for the new year. Can these new loan limits help you realize your homeownership dreams?

Conventional Loan Limits Raised Over $76K
October 6, 2021.

Conventional loan limits for 2022 are at $625,000, meaning you can get into your dream home sooner than ever before.

Table Funding with Minute Mortgage and Equitable Title Arizona
April 9, 2021.

Minute Mortgage now table funds all loans closed with Equitable Title Agency in Arizona. Learn how table funding can help your clients close with confidence!

Why You Should Choose Us
March 29, 2021.

There are dozens of lenders out there; what makes us different? Learn more about our modern approach to mortgage lending – and how we make the process a little more fun!

How to Track Market Changes
March 22, 2021.

Learning how markets dip and rise is essential to making sure you find a home that fits your dreams and your wallet. Here’s how you can keep tabs on a fluctuating market.

What to Look for When Choosing a Mortgage Company
February 16, 2021.

Your mortgage lender will be your partner for years to come; you’ll want to choose a company you can trust. Here’s how to find the right lender to lend a hand as well as some cash!

New FHA & Conventional Loan Increases for 2021!
December 29, 2020.

FHA and Conventional loans limits are increasing in 2021 – what could that mean for your homebuying journey?

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