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Why You Should Choose Us

It’s always nice to have something to be excited about – and buying a home is one of those experiences. You’ve done your research, selected a place and now you’re ready to secure your dream property. Or, maybe you’ve decided it’s time to refinance the loan on an existing space, and you’re ready to move forward. That’s where we come in. We want to help you have an incredible closing experience, and we pride ourselves on our modern approach to home loans. Sounds fine and dandy — but we understand that you want to know who you’re entrusting with this process. Since that’s the case, let’s start with the basics!

Who We Are

We are a mortgage company for the modern home buyer. That’s you! We know you’re busy, and don’t want to go through hoops to get the cash you need for a house. With this in mind, our team uses online digital processes which cut out unnecessary steps that waste time and money. Our fully-online application system generates home loans at competitive low rates, and you can also expect faster closings than with many traditional lenders. We keep things moving and we’re always available to make mortgage more convenient.

What We Do

So how exactly do we deliver a better mortgage experience? It’s simple! We live by three major components that result in excellent service, streamlined transactions, and happy customers. Here’s a brief overview of why our processes rock.

Speed. Our smart tech and online application process allow you to secure an approval in minutes, and we can close on new or refinanced mortgages much faster than traditional lenders.

Savings. When you’re ready to purchase or to refinance, mortgage rates can make or break a deal. Our salaried loan officers don’t work on commission — they are only concerned with driving an efficient application process. This results in competitive low rates and no hidden fees: you just get the cash you need to move forward!

Service. Our employees work hard so you don’t have to. We analyze submissions and present real-time market data, so everyone knows the deal. Then we work our magic to get you a loan, with the best terms possible — so you can walk away happy.

Technology. Sometimes, you only have a minute before the next task of the day. An easy-to-use app helps you stay connected when you’re busy, which is almost all of the time! Our smart tech includes a Minute Mortgage mobile app that keeps you in-the-loop, in real-time. Enjoy the ability to customize the dashboard and add your personal information, recent home searches, paperwork, reviews, and more!

Connect With Us

Now that we’re better acquainted — what’s next? Just like all aspects of our service, we work on your schedule. When you’re ready to move forward, so are we! When you visit our website, you can create an account, and connect with a representative who will assist with the next steps. If you’re not exactly prepared to sign on any dotted lines, that’s ok, too! Our staff of experts will address your questions and concerns and get you one step closer to your dream home.


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There are dozens of lenders out there; what makes us different? Learn more about our modern approach to mortgage lending – and how we make the process a little more fun!

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